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Dr. Linda Gerner, D.C., FICPA

Graduate of Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, CA
Post-Graduate Fellow in Pediatrics/Obstetrics
Certified in the Webster Technique
Trained doula (birth coach)
Past Personal Trainer

Dr. Gerner earned her Fellowship in Pediatrics through the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association (ICPA) and specializes in pre/post natal care and pediatric; including advanced cranial adjusting techniques.

Dr. Gerner is certified in the Webster Technique. This technique is a specific Chiropractic analysis and adjustment which decreases the structural and ligamental restrictions of the pelvis; effectively giving the baby more room to move as he/she does naturally.  Sacral and pelvic subluxation often contributes to difficult labor (dystocia) for mom.   Releasing pelvic subluxation restores neurobiomechanical functioning, and allows for increased space for the baby, a more comfortable labor for mom, and much safer birth for the baby.

Dr. Gerner relocated from Santa Cruz in January of 2009 and has settled in the Davis community with her husband, David, and their 3 children. She is very actively involved with the local birth community, collaborating with midwives and doulas to provide supportive pre and post-partum care.  She is a member and fellow of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) and is continually seeking advanced education in neurology, prenatal and pediatric care. She has been an adjunct instructor at Life Chiropractic College West. At any given day in practice, many pregnant moms and wide-grinned children are welcomed through our doors.


Dr. Rachel Knight

Dr. Rachel Knight specializes in combining gentle chiropractic adjustment with soft tissue manipulation. She is certified in Active Release Technique (ART), Graston Technique, Myofascial decompression and Kinesiology taping. An athlete from an early age, she started wrestling in junior high and was an All American wrestler her first year of college. She spent a considerable amount of her athletic career recovering from one injury or another, giving her ample experience with massage, PT and chiropractic.

Inspired by her mentors in the healing arts, she studied massage therapy in her early twenties then continued onto chiropractic school at University of Western States in Portland Oregon where she received a doctorate in Chiropractic in June of 2012, and a bachelor’s degree in Human Biology .

When not caring for her patients, Dr. Rachel can be found rock climbing, backpacking, hiking, disc golfing and trail running.

Dr. Raneem Zouhby

Dr. Raneem Zouhby. Dr. Raneem is a graduate of Parker University in Dallas, TX.  She is now relocating from Texas and brings over 12 years of patient care experience with her. Before Dr. Raneem became a chiropractor, she was an EMT and cardiovascular technician.  She was inspired to pursue her profession as a chiropractor during her pre-medical studies at University of Texas at Dallas.  She was in an auto accident and sought chiropractic care for her recovery. She was so inspired by her results, it launched on the journey to become the doctor she is today.

Dr. Raneem specializes in all around family wellness. She has experience working with pregnant mothers and children as well as athletes. Her techniques of choice are Diversified, Gonstead and Activator. She is also proficient in soft tissue techniques such as Gua-sha and RockTape.

After spending her entire life in Dallas, Texas she felt that California would be a great fit for her and her family due to the healthy lifestyles and diversity it offers . When she is not in the office, you can find her and her husband exploring Davis and surrounding areas.


  • Childcare Provider
  • Positive Attitude Reinforcer
  • Professional Ball Fetcher

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