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Regular chiropractic check ups may help with your baby's colic. Find a chiropractor near you:

I had a rather humbling experience in my practice recently. I'm honored to say that I see a large number of infants for support with lip/tongue tie, gastro-intestinal, and ear infection issues. While educating a parent about my work as I have done a million times before, I was called on a small detail of anatomy. I went back to my books and I had been wrong! This led me to do some more digging and to find some amazing material to show the anatomical connections with these common childhood mallodies... and a better way of teaching.

The skull is like a 3-D puzzle. All of the cranial bones fit together and are connected the next. The temporal bone is at the side of the head and includes the entire ear apparatus and the Eustachian tubes. It also makes up part of the TMJ and connects into the soft palate internally. Many layers of muscle also connect onto the temporal bone (and the nearby occiput) inserting in the neck and shoulder girdle. Nerves (such as the all mighty Vagus nerve which travels throughout the body to the major internal organs) start in the brain stem (which is surrounded by C1- the upper most vertebra under the skull) and descend through the neck and beyond.

Cranial and neck misalignments pull on muscles and nerves and cause tension in the jaw, palate, and ear canals... not to mention nerve inflammation throughout the body.

I don't know about you, but I love science and anatomy! I love putting the pieces of the puzzle together and seeing the while picture 🙂

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Babies don't get cracked, they get ADJUSTED. Meet Orion, 4 days old, receiving his first connected & loving adjustment. His spinal meningeal system was torqued in a way that was creating a predominant right head rotation position and increased tension/stress within the neuro-spinal system. Gentle connections were made to his atlas and sacral area which allowed baby Orion to release his very own tensional patterns. The result was a nerve system that displayed more signs of "ease" via the musculoskeletal system (relaxed musculature, balanced tone, improved bilateral range of motion). The Source Chiropractic represents a team of doctors in Oakland, California who specialize in whole family care. Tag a new momma who you think could benefit from receiving a specific chiropractic analysis and artful adjustment! #chiropractic #familychiropractor #thesourcechiropractic #getconnected

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