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The Good Life Chiropractic shared The Source Chiropractic's video. ...

Babies don't get cracked, they get ADJUSTED. Meet Orion, 4 days old, receiving his first connected & loving adjustment. His spinal meningeal system was torqued in a way that was creating a predominant right head rotation position and increased tension/stress within the neuro-spinal system. Gentle connections were made to his atlas and sacral area which allowed baby Orion to release his very own tensional patterns. The result was a nerve system that displayed more signs of "ease" via the musculoskeletal system (relaxed musculature, balanced tone, improved bilateral range of motion). The Source Chiropractic represents a team of doctors in Oakland, California who specialize in whole family care. Tag a new momma who you think could benefit from receiving a specific chiropractic analysis and artful adjustment! #chiropractic #familychiropractor #thesourcechiropractic #getconnected


We at the Good Life are so happy to welcome a wonderful doctor to our team!

(Only new clients to the Good Life or those who have not visited for 1 year or more qualify)

She is a graduate of Parker University in Dallas, TX. She brings over 12 years of patient care experience with her. Before Dr. Raneem became a chiropractor, she was an EMT and cardiovascular technician. She was inspired to pursue her profession as a chiropractor during her pre-medical studies at University of Texas at Dallas.

Dr. Raneem specializes in all around family wellness. She has experience working with pregnant mothers and children as well as athletes. Her techniques of choice are Diversified, Gonstead and Activator. She is also proficient in soft tissue techniques such as Gua-sha and RockTape.

After spending her entire life in Dallas, Texas she felt that California would be a great fit for her and her family due to the healthy lifestyles and diversity it offers.

Call to schedule your appointment (530) 297-5683 (LOVE) or visit us on the web at

Has you child been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD? Do clothing labels and tags irritate your child? Does he/she struggle with handwriting or other motor skills? It is impossible to concentrate in class?

The vestibular system is contained in the upper cervical spine (neck), the inner ear, and the base of the brain (cerebellum). Abnormal pressure caused from spinal and cranial misalignment can interrupt this critical system. This can be caused from intra-uterine constraint (baby being in compromised positions before birth) and the birth process itself. Gentle, non-force adjustments and cranial therapy can remove this interference; thus allowing your child's brain to process the incoming information in a more normal way.

Dr. Gerner is specially qualified to care for your child. We are here to help.

We need to hire her to teach our classes 🙂 ...

The Brielle-iant 4-year-old is back. I hope you’re ready, Internet.

This is such a cool video! Watch the different and very compromising positions that the baby gets into! Especially notice how he bends his head in extreme flexion and extension (back and forth). Remember, his delicate brain stem and Vegas nerve is right at the base of his neck/skull. This is the area that controls all vital life functions... heart, lungs, digestion, immune system... No wonder that some babies are stressed and unhappy after birth. Safe, gentle adjustments to the pelvis for pregnant mamas help to create more room for baby to move (and not get stuck!). Very gentle (acupressure- like) adjustments to babies remove this harmful compression an vital nervous tissue. Our doctors at The Good Life Chiropractic provide safe and gentle care for Moms and babies! www. ...

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