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Has you child been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD? Do clothing labels and tags irritate your child? Does he/she struggle with handwriting or other motor skills? It is impossible to concentrate in class?

The vestibular system is contained in the upper cervical spine (neck), the inner ear, and the base of the brain (cerebellum). Abnormal pressure caused from spinal and cranial misalignment can interrupt this critical system. This can be caused from intra-uterine constraint (baby being in compromised positions before birth) and the birth process itself. Gentle, non-force adjustments and cranial therapy can remove this interference; thus allowing your child's brain to process the incoming information in a more normal way.

Dr. Gerner is specially qualified to care for your child. We are here to help.

We need to hire her to teach our classes 🙂 ...

The Brielle-iant 4-year-old is back. I hope you’re ready, Internet.

This is such a cool video! Watch the different and very compromising positions that the baby gets into! Especially notice how he bends his head in extreme flexion and extension (back and forth). Remember, his delicate brain stem and Vegas nerve is right at the base of his neck/skull. This is the area that controls all vital life functions... heart, lungs, digestion, immune system... No wonder that some babies are stressed and unhappy after birth. Safe, gentle adjustments to the pelvis for pregnant mamas help to create more room for baby to move (and not get stuck!). Very gentle (acupressure- like) adjustments to babies remove this harmful compression an vital nervous tissue. Our doctors at The Good Life Chiropractic provide safe and gentle care for Moms and babies! www. ...

The Good Life Chiropractic shared Hashem Al-Ghaili's Mother-Child Bond. ...

Check out the remarkable bond between the mother and her baby.

My friends have heard me talk about "The Book of Joy" a lot lately. It is co-authored by His Holiness The Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Whether you are Christian, Buddhist, Muslin, Jewish or nothing, I think this book is divinely inspired and has been profound in my life. Here's a passage I read this morning (the very last one of the book) that is so applicable to our world:

"Adversity, illness, and death are real and inevitable. We chose whether to add to these unavoidable facts of life with the suffering that we create in our own minds and hearts... the chosen suffering. The more we make a different choice, to heal our own suffering, the more we can turn to others and help to address their suffering with the laughter-filled, tear-stained eyes of the heart. And the more we turn away from our self-regard to wipe the tears from the eyes of another, the more- incredibly- we are able to hear, to heal, and to transcend our own suffering. This is the true secret to joy".

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